One of the reasons that Solus PSC is so effective is the deep integrations of industry-leading services supplied by our partners. We also build strong connections with companies that provide complementary products and services to our customers.


M:Science are one of the pioneers of corporate two-way SMS text messaging services. Since 2002, M:Science have been offering one of the quickest and most reliable, premium SMS platforms on the market. We are proud to have harnessed the power of these services into our software, meaning our clients are able to send and receive SMS messages directly from the HR, payroll and ERP software solutions that we provide.

To sign-up for SMS services using M-Science, visit



Bankstream provide secure, accurate, bank-approved data feeds.

Bankstream do not require Internet banking credentials for their service, instead PSCs and financial institutions authorise Bankstream to securely collect transaction data directly from the bank and deliver it to Accentra. Accentra then use this daily, secure stream of data to automate accounting for Solus PSC clients.