Sign-up, Licensing and Installation

Is Solus PSC a cloud solution? How do I sign-up for the software?

Solus PSC is a cloud offering from licensing point of view, meaning you will be billed based on the number of active companies on the system per month. However the software will be installed separately for each of our clients on a dedicated server. The server can be provided by you or we can source it for you.

Can it be white labelled?

Yes, you can brand it with your company name and logo etc. within the limitations of the resolution and sizes of the images. The Accentra copyright message will always be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

What is the licensing cost?

  • Solus PSC Standard Model – £12 per month per company
  • Solus PSC Premium Model – £15 per month per company

Installation & Training costs are charged separately at £125 per hour.

How do we cope with opening bank accounts for hundreds of companies in a short time?

There are two solutions:

  • The Premium Model doesn’t require the PSCs to have separate bank accounts. In this model, funds will be maintained in a single client account
  • We recommend APS bank for a quick online bank opening facility which can used by your for your contractors. If you wish, we can arrange a meeting with APS representatives


Is there a contractor portal?

Yes, the contractor who owns the company can login to access the company’s accounting and payroll records. You can setup the permission levels to allow/restrict what the contractor can do.

Can the system process payroll for more than one contractor from the same company?

Yes, apart from the contractor who is the director and owner of the company, additional contractors can be set up as employees. These additional contractors will be paid using the PAYE only method, based on the timesheet earning.

Is there a direct link to banks? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, Solus PSC integrates with several UK banks using Bankstream. To set up the service the owner of a company sends a signed authority form to Bankstream who process it with the respective bank. This authority does not require company owners to disclose Internet Banking credentials, and does not give the ability to transact on the account. Instead it allows Bankstream to securely collect bank statement data from the Bank and provide it directly to Solus PSC.

Once the authority is verified by the bank, Solus PSC will be able to securely download bank transactions every day, and post the payment/receipt journals. In most cases, allocations will be made automatically. Where the system cannot allocate automatically, user will be able to manually allocate them.

Can we use Solus PSC to do we deal with contractors who do not want to be the directors?

Yes. Call us for details.


Does the system comply with RTI, VAT100 and Corporation tax returns?

RTI and VAT100 returns can be made directly from the software for multiple companies from a single screen. The intelligent Task Manager interface will prompt you with the number of pending returns on daily basis with the ability to bulk-process the returns from the same screen.

Reminders for CT returns and Annual Returns will be published in real time. The Trial Balance can be exported for direct import in to Tax Calc software to complete the returns

How do we comply with Auto-Enrolment?

We have built and integrated a comprehensive Auto-Enrolment module into our other payroll products which has been in use by our clients since 2013. A simplified Auto-Enrolment module with direct integration with NEST and Creative Auto Enrolment is under development now. We expect this to be made available to Solus PSC by end of 2016, well ahead of the 2017 staging dates.

Are both the Solus PSC models safe from MSC and IR35 Legislations?

The Salary Only method is completely free of MSC and IR35 risks. However if you wish to use Salary plus Dividend methods, we recommend you to take legal advice.