The Solus PSC Standard Model

  • Salary only (or) Salary plus Dividend Payment
  • Single Director/Employee Setup
  • Revenues from Margin and Fee
  • No change for the Agency
  • The Payroll company is in full control of Timesheet and Salary Processing
  • Contractors get payment advice on time accurately, every week
  • Better Take Home than standard PAYE
  • Margin retained by the Payroll company at source, as usual (as opposed to Fee)
  • Additional fee revenue for providing Accounting & Payroll Services
  • Easy transition from Umbrella. However control on salary and tax payments lie with the contractor.

The Solus PSC Premium Model

  • PAYE Salary only Payment
  • Multiple Employee Setup
  • Higher take home using Employment Allowance
  • Revenues from Margin and Fee
  • No change for the Agency and no change for Contractors
  • You are in full control of Timesheet and Salary Processing
  • You are also in full control of Salary and HMRC Payments
  • Contractors get paid on time and accurately, every week
  • HMRC liabilities discharged in full and on time
  • Free of MSC and IR35 legislations
  • Much better Take Home due to reduced cost
  • Margin retained by Payroll company at source, as usual
  • Additional Fee revenue for providing accounting and payroll services
  • Easiest transition from Umbrella.

Contractor driven processing

With Solus PSC, you can almost forget that you are dealing with companies. Instead, the smart interface lets you deal with contractors, using the method you are used to. It’s the contractor that you need to focus on when it comes to timesheets, payroll run, payments, reporting and everything else. The intelligent software maps the contractor to the right company and posts all the payroll and financial transactions in the background.

This clever thinking demonstrates how smart Solus PSC is when it comes to helping you with the transition from Umbrella to PSC.

A single screen to track and complete every Payroll, HMRC and Accounting task

Designed based on the principles of the latest Single Page Application technology, Solus PSC’s Task Manager allows you to oversee, track and process every single Payroll, Accounting and HMRC task from just a single screen. You will never have to open individual companies!

The task manager serves as a Reminder, Tracker and a Processor – all in one screen and for all companies. Name any process, be it importing timesheets, generating invoices, running payroll, generating payment advice – it’s all done from one screen for all companies.

Multiple Contractor Payrolling

A contractor with his own limited company can employ one or more his/her colleagues and make use of the lucrative £3,000 employment allowance, but without compromising on fund distribution. Solus PSC differentiates earnings by each contractor on the company’s payroll and processes their salary proportionally. Dividends, if applicable, will be processed only for the contractor that owns the company and the shares.

We think about every possible way to help contractors save money!

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